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Headquarters: Boston, MA

When it comes to earning buyers’ trust, your customers are your best assets. But many companies face an uphill battle getting the case studies and testimonials they need to prove their value to the market—particularly when it comes to video.

Testimonial Hero helps B2B software marketers create high performance video testimonials that open doors and drive decision-making. We’re on a mission to help marketing teams worldwide accelerate customer acquisition and become the world's leading B2B video testimonial service.
We are currently in a rapid growth phase and are looking for an ambitious individual to join and build out our account management team. Everyone on our team brings a high level of enthusiasm for our mission and a passion to grow Testimonial Hero and you will be working in an extremely motivated environment.
We are a 100% remote company and we love the flexibility and work-life integration that remote work provides.
Our Core Values:
Always be learning and growing.

Customer experience is everything.

Have fun and integrate work and life.
Quality comes from process and systems.
Take ownership of outcomes—and the solutions.
Why you want to work with us:
-Exciting mission and positive culture.
-Poised to be the market leader in our niche.
-100% remote. Work where it is convenient for you.
-Flexible hours. We believe in work/life integration.
-Coworking membership paid for if you prefer coworking.
-In-person team retreats for face time and to have fun!
-Amazing customers who deeply value our solution:
-Unlimited vacation.
As an Account Manager you will: 
-Help onboard customers
-Build and strengthen customer relationships
-Manage all aspects of business-client relationship post sale
-Provide support to active client base
-Serve as the liaison between the fulfillment (production) team and clients
-Keep projects up to date in our project management software (Trello or
-Maintain a revenue base by managing account retention 
-Drive upgrade revenue from new services feature adoption and expanded usage
-Work as part of the team to develop strategies for scale and growth
-Manage all reporting about the health of customers' accounts
You have: 
-Prior experience with account management, project management, or customer service
-Phenomenal organizational skills
-Clear and articulate communication skills and the ability to effectively drive a phone or email conversation
-The ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
-Motivation to learn and solve problems 
-An ability to self-manage in remote work environment.
-Adaptability to changing situations
-Capability to quickly learn new project management tools such as or Trello
-An understanding or eagerness to learn more about video marketing in a B2B context.
-Understanding of B2B marketing terminology and goals, or an eagerness to learn.
-An appreciation for the the power of putting the voice of the customer front and center.

To apply:

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