Rockstar CFO Needed for Multi-Million Dollar CPG Startup
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Headquarters: Remote

We're a fast-growing multi-million dollar CPG startup looking to bring on a rockstar CFO. This is a unique opportunity to bring your expertise in accounting, finance, and HR directly to the founders who work from various locations around the world. This is a dream role designed specifically for a high-achieving, tech-savvy back-office veteran who believes there is more to life than getting a job at a mega-corporation and counting the days until retirement (or layoffs…) You will be in the privileged position to learn from one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the world and find out what makes us successful and help fuel our growth! We Hire the Best, Regardless of Their Location. 
We run our business from all over the world, and we believe flexibility in where you work leads to better performance and happiness. Performance and attitude is the most important aspect of this job, not clocking hours in the office or water cooler politics. 
Want to set up shop at a coworking space in Lisbon, or put the finishing touches on a deck while sipping coffee at a sidewalk café Buenos Aires? Fine with us.  As long as you can work on a US timezone, we’re cool with it.
Unlike other jobs, we don’t believe that what you do should dictate where you live. 
We’re looking for people who can demonstrate they hold themselves to a higher standard in everything they do, because with great flexibility comes great responsibility.
All this flexibility doesn’t mean we’re not a close-knit team…you’ll have daily meetings and quarterly retreats to make sure we’re growing stronger as a team.

Who This is Not For: 

Duties Include: 

Ideal candidate will: 
No exceptions - in order to apply please provide the following.

1) Write a COVER LETTER addressing the following questions:
a) Why do you think you'd be the “Rockstar CFO” we’re looking for?
Describe why you’re a consistent high-achiever. Give SPECIFIC examples of past achievements and/or accolades related to your successes. 
(TIP) If you literally only had 30 seconds with us in an elevator, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment?
b) What are the last three books you've read?
c) What do you do for fun?
d) Explain what you're doing now for work and why you’re looking elsewhere.
e) To ensure your attention to detail, please include the words “empty bowl” in the subject title of your email.

2) Create ONE document (Word or PDF) that contains both your custom cover letter and your resume. Cover letter first, resume second.

3) Send an email to

To apply:

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