Ad & Marketing Strategist
The JW Agency

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Headquarters: Goodyear, AZ

The JW Agency helps entrepreneurs generate consistent leads and sales while rapidly scaling their revenue using innovative and cutting edge marketing strategies through paid Facebook advertising.  We work with influencers, thought-leaders, creatives, service providers, and anyone looking to make a massive impact in the world. From automated, evergreen funnels to million dollar launches, we can help.Love digital marketing strategies? Love being innovative? Love the creative aspect of marketing? Keep reading.If you're looking for a place to call home, grow your skill set, thrive, be innovative, collaborate with other marketers, and get real results for clients...then this position is for you.  The Ad & Marketing Strategist position requires someone who is experienced in paid FB/IG marketing, digital strategies that get results, and who has the ability to come up with innovative creative and messaging hooks/angles for our clients campaigns. Sound fun?!This position is also...~ 100% remote position~ 15-20 hours per week (to start, with ability to go full-time)Role (Overview of the Position)
  • Position will be supporting Facebook & Instagram paid advertising client campaign strategies & results by developing campaign strategies for all new & existing clients, supporting ad team with struggling client accounts and adjusting strategy if necessary, being the lead on creative assets from our creative team for all client campaigns and continuously being innovative and strategic with client campaigns to maximize results. 
Responsibilities (Tasks Associated with the Role)

  • Review client intake form prior to strategy call and show-up to call with specific agenda & questions used to start marketing strategy conversation

  • Run and manage all new client strategy calls using the JW process and prep documents

  • Prepare and deliver a completed strategy doc & map summarizing clients strategy, goals, deliverables, and next steps so ads team can take over with minimal questions.

  • Support ads team with questions they may have on the strategy or on implementing it.

  • Support ads team with struggling client accounts to rework or adjust strategy if needed

  • Stay up-to-date on new digital marketing strategies and work with operations and marketing manager to consistently stay abreast of new and high-converting strategies.

  • Do monthly trainings for team as one method of keeping the ads team abreast of new and high-converting strategies and also on Facebook updates.

  • Request all creatives/assets (graphics, video, copy) from internal creative team for all client campaigns following guidelines from the client strategy and client avatar

  • Review and approve all targeting & creative/assets for ad managers to implement

  • Any/all other tasks that assist in maximizing client campaign results.

Results (Expected Accomplishments)

  • Increase in client results (CPL, CPA, ROI, etc.) due to added high-level strategic support 

  • Increased client retention

  • Increased innovation on all client accounts via strategy, messaging, creatives, and more.

  • Remove Marketing Manager from the strategic and creative tactical responsibilities.

Requirements (Expected Proficiencies)

  • North American time zone

  • 15-20 hours+ / week available to JW Agency Team remotely

  • Expert level Facebook and digital marketing strategy knowledge (minimum 2+ years experience in Facebook advertising)

  • Ability to be on all of the team strategic meeting calls

  • Amazing communication and time management skills 

  • Attention to detail and a love for marketing

  • Ability to handle potential high-pressure situations with clients and/or their accounts

  • Thrive in a fast-paced agency environment remotely

  • Be open to leadership trainings and continually growing as a leader

  • High-speed internet access with an appropriate work space for client & team communications

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