Remote Entry-Level Website Developer or Computer Programmer
The Tech Academy

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Headquarters: Portland, OR

The Tech Academy is a technology school that specializes in coding bootcamps. We are looking for people interested in working as a website developer, software developer, designer and/or data scientist. No tech background or coding experience is required. We will train you from home.
This is a junior-level/entry-level position. Starting salary averages $30 an hour.
This job posting is for people interested in entering the tech industry
We will provide 3-4 months of online training in one or more of the following subjects:
and more...

Then you will work in a technical position that aligns with your training.To find out more about our company, please visit our website at: more information, please contact us at:(503)206-6915info at learncodinganywhere.comĀ 

To apply:

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