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We're Hiring a Video Product Marketer
Imagine the high you would feel if each video you published got thousands of views instantly. Within minutes, comments are streaming in to compliment you, thank you and tell you how amazingly helpful your content is. On top of that, the video then gets shared hundreds of times...That’s the dopamine rush you’d get as Video Product Marketer for Thrive Themes!
Do you know that feeling of wanting MORE? Such as:
If so, you might just be the video product marketer we're looking for!
We’re looking for a full-time video product marketer who can create amazingly educational and entertaining product content for our audience. Your main focus will be making amazing videos showcasing the power of the Thrive Themes products.You’ll be creating promotional videos like this one that are getting shared like hotcakes. Or creating in-depth feature videos like this one and this one that blows minds and educates people about all the different Thrive Themes products.

But that’s just the beginning.
As our video product marketer, you’re always keeping an eye open for new opportunities and content creation ideas that will resonate with our audience and help the company grow. This can include things like:
Here's what’s in it for you:
In return, we ask that you:


What a day would look like for you:
At the start of your workday, you connect to our Slack channel. After a short reflection on your weekly and quarterly goals, you decide with the CMO what the highest priority tasks are to get done that day.
Now that you’re focused on what you need to accomplish that day, you start by creating the framework and outline for your next video. A few hours of uninterrupted filming time later, you’re ready to ask for a review on your first takes. Once you get some feedback, it's time to finish the filming and send the files to our in-house video editor. You will leave the video editor detailed instructions on which takes to use, your ideas for how we can best edit the videos, and any other useful info the editor should know.
When you aren't filming, you will constantly be coming up with ideas for new product-related videos. The ideas can come from your experience with our products, looking at the competition, related products, and anything that you feel our customers need to know about Thrive Themes.
And because some of the comments on YouTube and our blog gave you inspiration for a new video, you finish off your day by adding the video idea into our idea backlog, ready to get started on when it fits into the video publishing calendar.As you can see, working as a video product marketer for Thrive Themes gives you the perfect blend between autonomy and team support.

Still feel we could be a good fit? Here’s how to apply:
Send an email to colin[at] with the subject line “I’m a kick-ass video product marketer” and start your email with "Hi Colin," then simply add 3 links to videos you made and are proud of. (If you've never made videos before, then this role is NOT for you. We are looking for someone who has experience creating high-quality marketing videos.) 
In addition to the three links, please include a 1-3 minute video telling me why you should be Thrive Themes' video product marketer. Film this short video as if you were going to publish it on the Thrive Themes YouTube channel. This is your chance to show off so make it count! (NOTE: This video should be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted YouTube video. Include the link below the three sample video links as the fourth link.)

To apply:

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