QA Manager
Tiled Inc.

Location: San Diego, CA

This position reports to: Director of Tech Ops

What we do

Tiled enables non-developers to create interactive, rich content experiences that perform like native apps or fully coded websites. These content experiences, which we call “microapps,” drive engagement. Sales, marketing, customer success, training and recruiting organizations use microapps to drive engagement with their content.

Live demonstrations of microapps built with our platform

What is a microapp?

Life at Tiled


We are seeking an experienced Quality Assurance Manager to join our growing development team. You will spend your days building and executing test plans for our software platform and building out automated test pipelines. In addition to working directly with engineers and product team members to finalize feature requirements you will also have the opportunity to weigh in on the features themselves and direction of the product as a whole. In addition, you'll be expected to drive the quality of our product by providing a system for regularly validating and assessing it.

This is a great opportunity for an experienced QA professional, who is looking to take ownership and build their own testing processes. You will participate in regular discussions ranging from development stand-ups to the high-level product roadmap and everything in between.

Qualified candidates will have at least 5 years of experience, have built QA teams, and familiarity with the following tools:

Tiled office perks

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