Lead Growth Engineer (100% Remote)
Timedoctor.com LLC

We’re looking for a technical marketer and business operations engineer to help us integrate various company software tools, growth and split testing experiments, and more. This is a full-time job and you’ll report directly to our chief marketing officer.

Your Responsibilities * Managing a team of developers to implement our current A/B testing and other growth initiatives;* Correctly setting up HubSpot and building reports in HubSpot, if needed;* Setting up our Segment implementation;* Setting up Google Analytics;* Integrating various software tools across the business;* Creating dashboards using Google Data Studio;* Building backend integrations when necessary to help sync data from our database with other software tools;* Contributing ideas for split tests to improve our home page conversion rate; and* Managing 2-3 other developers working on the website and onboarding split tests.

Required Skills & Experience

Minimum Qualifications:* Experience in A/B testing and conversion optimization;* 5 years of engineering experience;* A deep understanding of Segment platform implementation, Google Analytics, and data visualization tools, such as Google Data Studio; and* Experience using HubSpot.

Preferred Qualifications:* Node.js;* Remote work; and* Managing a team.

This is a full-time role for a business operations engineer/technical marketing professional. It’s a completely virtual/telecommute position that will allow you to work from home.

To apply for this, please go to this link - http://time-doctor.breezy.hr/p/e32112090d38-lead-growth-engineer-100-remote

Posted over 2 years ago