Product Manager

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Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Job role: We are looking to hire a smart product manager who is passionate about taking up ideas and bringing them to life. You will engage with our customer base directly, and decide the future of the product by working closely with key partners. You will also collaborate with marketing, sales and support to ensure that word gets out to people and they get to see what you are building.

  • Help in developing and implementing product vision and strategy.

  • Meet regularly with key customer facing teams to collect and analyse user feedback to shape new product ideas and user requirements.

  • Implements usage tracking and analyze patterns to support product decisions.

  • Have strong solution skills in translating customer needs to product functionalities.

  • Work with leadership team in planning the product roadmap.

  • Convert ideas to prototypes and demonstrate them to the key partners.

  • Coordinate with engineering team to plan and deliver features on time.

  • Stay on top of the market.


  • Two or more years experience in product management or similar role

  • A people friendly person with extraordinary organizational and leadership skills

  • Have strong presentation skills

  • Ability to think creative and solve problem

  • Solid written communication skill

  • Familiarity in agile development framework will be preferable

  • Enough technical understanding to discuss scope/timeline tradeoffs with engineers

How We Work:

  • We are a small and fast moving team. 

  • We work asynchronously and in 4-week cycles. 

  • We value simplicity.

  • We value product quality.

  • We value experimenting with new features

To apply:

Posted about 1 year ago