Director of Operations
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Headquarters: Irvine, CA

I started the company in 2017.  Today we have a team of 20 people (half stateside, half abroad), and this year we're on target to do 7 figures in revenue and are currently a market leader in developing complex applications in healthcare & fintech.  We've 2x-ed each year, and have taken no outside investment or debt to date.   Here is our culture statement: the same time, I have been the Founder while leading Ops, Marketing, and Sales, and I know we will need someone to execute operations in a better way than I’ve been able to do it moving forward.Our new Director of Ops has to ultimately be able to deliver an increasingly competitive product - superior managed app design & development.  To accomplish that requires part sales, part technical, part financial analysis, all with heavy blend of people skills that are specific to our team culture.  Someone that hasn’t stepped into a very similar role before would not work.  Breaking things down to deliverables, we need you to:- be an amazing communicator and question-asker, especially when the person on the other side is not as great a communiator;- be radically transparent with others (think Ray Dalio's "Principles");- improve our quantitative metrics (sprint velocity, technical debt, not just meeting but beating estimates on time and budget) while leading a strong culture of nurturing our people;- make hard decisions that allow us to create great products, such as driving investment in areas of weakness or untapped ways of helping our clients grow;- optimize workflows on;- set focused KPIs that measure the company’s overall performance and productivity on a daily basis;- collaborate with leadership on an open peer-to-peer grading system (think baseball cards with key stats for each person), conduct evaluations of individuals based on this system, form a hiring system that optimizes for this grading system, and participate directly in the hiring process.- making sure our evergreen Standard Operating Processes are being documented as they iterate;- go above and beyond this list of requirements.  The nature of this challenge varies by the week if not day.  If this sounds like an exciting and suitable challenge for you, please add to the top of the cover letter your question to "What part of our culture statement is the hardest thing to achieve?"  

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Posted about 3 years ago