Remote paid internships for experienced software developers at growing startup. Possible full job after the pandemic.

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Headquarters: San francisco, CA

Why this opportunity exists

To provide learning opportunities during the current pandemic, we are inviting experienced software developers to join us for a four-month paid remote internship. If we continue doing well and raise additional capital, such internships can become full-time, long-term jobs with compensations starting at $50K/year plus stock options.At Torre (, we're building the new professional network for flexible and remote work. We're automating recruiting and job finding. Our mission is to make work fulfilling for everyone. It's a moonshot ( view our deck ). We've made significant progress, and we're gaining traction (you're experiencing it right now!).If you like working alongside some of the best practitioners in their field, rising to meet significant challenges, being entrepreneurial, paying great attention to detail, growing professionally, and would consider eventually becoming a full-time member of our team, this opportunity is for you.

Skills this opportunity will require
3+ years of experience
Web Development
2+ years of experience
Software Architecture
Full Stack Development
Must have potential to develop
Fast Learner
Strategic Thinking
Play Framework
Spring Boot
Material design
Attention to detail  

• Developing awesome, high-quality web-apps: scalable, fast-response, cross-browser, and cross-device.• Fixing bugs.• Continually suggesting and implementing improvements to our existing code base.• Suggesting integrations with existing tools to accelerate development cycles.• Committing to following the standards and rules proposed and agreed on by the team.• Communicating proactively.  

• Being comfortable with addressing frequent product changes triggered - primarily - by a strict user-driven design methodology.• Working alongside a team of inquisitive overachievers.• Understanding limitations in our technology and working around them.• Persisting and persevering.• Frequently coming across unknowns.• Managing constant change and sudden growth.• Working in a demanding environment.• Giving and receiving candid feedback without either making it personal or taking it personally.  
Career path

You're expected to perform this role for four months. The experience you'll learn and network you develop may eventually lead you to:• Becoming a full-time senior developer with our team, or• Becoming a full-time tech lead,• Starting your own business  
Team culture

• Our mission is to make work fulfilling.• Our motto is always to deliver memorable experiences.• We are entrepreneurial.• We make bold bets.• We feel encouraged to make mistakes we can learn from.• We strategize smartly and work hard. Very hard.• We like data.• We value people, inquisitiveness, candor, and courage.• We aim for work/life integration.• We pursue diversity. That's why we encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.


To apply:

Posted almost 3 years ago