UX researcher

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CAL
URL: https://torre.co/en

Skills this opportunity will require
Must have potential to develop
UX Research
Project Design
Attention to details
Strategic Thinking  You'll learn about and be responsible for:• Usability testing for new and existing functionalities.• Value testing for new and existing functionalities.• Exploratory testing.• Analysis of user sessions.• Manual regression testing.• NPS surveys.• Accessibility testing.  
Additional requirements (other than skills)

None. This is an entry-level position. Candidates with some experience are welcome, though.
Language(s) required
Spanish - Conversational
English - Fully-fluent

• Recruiting and scheduling unpaid testers.• Managing frustration when testers don't show up for their scheduled session (around 50% do).• Working alongside a team of inquisitive overachievers.• Persisting and persevering.• Frequently coming across unknowns.• Managing constant change and sudden growth.• Working in a demanding environment.• Giving and receiving candid feedback without either making it personal or taking it personally. Monetary Compensation:  USD$ 22,000 - 36,000/year 

To apply: https://torre.co/en/jobs/QwelbMW9-torre-ux-researcher-22

Posted 9 months ago