Head of Growth for a SaaS company that is creating change!
Track it Forward

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Headquarters: Oakland, CA
URL: https://www.trackitforward.com

Track it Forward is an online and mobile volunteer time tracking tool thats mission is to provide modern, simple, and affordable technology to empower nonprofits achieve their missions faster.  We believe that by serving grassroots and nonprofit organizations, we can magnify our overall net impact in the world. 
We are looking for a special individual that is passionate about growth and is excited about data and about helping customers make better decisions. 
We are a small company, so as head of growth, you are the one stop shop for all our marketing needs.  You will not be a cog in a machine, but rather you will build your own machine.  You will come up with the strategy, you will prioritize it, you will implement it, and you will measure it.  This position is for someone that has been looking for an opportunity to shine and really grow professionally. 
You should have a penchant for writing copy with a perfect mixture of creative writing, sales, and wit.  This will be your base for writing amazing email copy, website copy, landing page copy, e-books, blog posts, and social media posts.  Writing will be an every day task, so words should just naturally flow out of you.
You should be comfortable talking in front of videos, on the phone, and in front of people.  You could be hosting webinars, creating videos, or potentially getting in front of clients at conferences.
You should have an eye toward aesthetics.  Selecting images and colors to create engaging posts, websites, and e-books should be your second nature.  You should be aware of which images work best on desktops, mobile, social, and emails.
You should be good with data and making decisions from data.  Spreadsheets should be your best friend.  Tracking progress and figuring out what part of the funnel to work on is key.
You should have an insatiable appetite to optimize your work.  There’s always more that can be done.  You should always be wanting to learn, always be wanting to improve, always knowing that there is something else that can be done.
You should be tech savy and experienced on a variety of marketing platforms.  In this day and age, there are a hundred tools to do just one marketing task, some are good, some are bad, and some are bad but still good.  You should be familiar with at least some of these tools and be technologically resilient to figuring out how they work to do what you need. 
You should be disciplined, organized and have a brag-worthy work ethic.  Working remotely is not for everybody, it requires a lot of trust and discipline to be productive.  This is a very independent job where you’ll be mainly making your own schedule and keeping yourself accountable, so being a focused individual is really important.
You should want to work on a company that strives for a great work life balance.  This is 100% remote job where the employees work hard but also enjoy life as well.  You will be encouraged to mold your schedule based off a balance that works for you, which can include the time you want to start or whether you want to do fitness in the middle of the day.
Your primary responsibilities will be constantly changing, but in general this is what to expect out of the gate

  • Analyzing our current conversion funnel 

  • Creating and managing a report to visualize our funnel

  • Prioritizing which part of the funnel to work on 

  • Wireframing adjustments to product workflows 

  • Rearranging our sales and communication pipelines 

  • Integrating new tools and creating new processes

  • Creating and optimizing automated drip emails 

  • Creating and optimizing e-book content and infographics 

  • Creating and optimizing lead magnets 

Some other campaigns that can happen as we grow 

  • Hosting webinars 

  • Tabling at conferences 

  • CPC campaigns 

  • Retargeting campaigns 

  • Working with marketing strategists 

  • Building and working with a network of content influencers to promote our brand 

  • Writing Blog Posts

  • Managaing Facebook Community


  • Degree or relevant experience in growth type work (i.e. PR, marketing, communications)

  • At least 3 years experience in some marketing or sales position 

  • Created and optimized some type of landing pages 

  • Optimized email campaigns for conversions 

  • Experience working in a non-structured, remote environment

  • Extremely responsible

  • Looks forward to working with a team but also looks forward to doing heads down type work 

  • You like to correct people if they spell things wrong 


  • Remote work

  • Hourly or Salary

  • 20-40 hours depending on candidate

We are looking for the right candidate and depending on your schedule, we are open to a part-time or full time work gig.  Since we are a very small company, we do not offer any medical benefits but do offer flexibility, remote work, and the opportunity to create change in the world.To apply, please fill out this Google Form.  You will need a google account to fill out the application.

To apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9gELDwhwaH0pYRMAjBBMvfArMAkwTDmFiYi309zy_NqKx3A/viewform

Posted 12 months ago