Web Production Assistant

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Headquarters: Sydney Australia
URL: http://ukufu.com

Ukufu* (pronounced oo - koo - foo) is a new AI powered content aggregation mobile application for professionals. Ukufu version 1.0 has recently been launched for Android and iOS! We recently closed a round of seed funding from a couple of smart and supportive investors, and we are excited for the next stage of our journey! Watch a short message from Josephine Pinto, the Ukufu Product Manager who you will be working with:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwO2g8CWpHc
Our mission is bold: Build an intelligence layer around the 10 000 English news-related content pieces that get published daily. Then use this layer to power an easy-to-use category based content aggregation app that helps professionals efficiently consume content across multiple content sources.We believe that there is a big opportunity to improve the breadth and depth of content consumption for professionals. 
View a quick overview of our product here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN9GNm0WCD0&feature=youtu.be or download the app at http://ukufu.com.
Over the next 6 - 12 months, we will be focussed on stage 1 of building out our product - working closely with users to build something amazing that we can then scale up in stage 2 - building the product into a sustainable profitable business. Our headquarters are in the Sydney CBD, but we have team members around the world.  This role requires a daily 5 hour cross over time with the Sydney Australia time-zone. Our remote-friendly work culture and processes have been in place for a couple of years (some of our team used to work together on a product that reached over 4 million users) and our distributed team structure is working well.
We work hard at fostering a focused and friendly workplace, where team members are able to do their best work.
We are looking for someone with outstanding web production experience, a mature attitude, a product flair, and a preference for working with a small smart team, to join us in the role of Web Production Assistant at Ukufu.
You will work with the Ukufu Product Manager and other members of the team. 

The role:You will be working with the Ukufu Product Manager on a wide variety of projects relating to the build-out and go to market strategy of our app.  You will be involved with everything from assisting with Social Media posts, to cleaning up data feeds, to writing copy for product updates and helping with customer service.  This is a diverse role that would appeal to someone who likes variety in their day to day work. 
Bonus Skills:
Our application process usually includes a chat with the Product Manager, a short take-home task, then a chat with an additional Ukufu team member. 
* Ukufu comes from the Zulu word Ukufunda, which means “to learn”.

To apply: https://careers.ukufu.com/o/web-production-assistant-remote-role/c/new

Posted about 3 years ago