Remote Business Development Representative

Headquarters: New York, New York

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN ENTRY-LEVEL POSITION - if you’re eager to start your career as a #remotewarrior and achieve some serious business development mastery in short order - backed by best-of-breed talent *and* tools - then this is the job for you.

About Us
Upstack is an exclusive network of the best remote developers in the world ready to extend your team and building amazing products. Some of our clients include MealPal, Unfold, Invision, JUUL, TaskRabbit and The Chive.

The Role
We are looking for a Business Development Representative to be the face and voice of Upstack’s sales team. Your role will be to seek new business opportunities by contacting and developing relationships with potential customers through various channels.
You’ll be using our various tools to source leads, craft, refine, and send email sequences, call out to prospects, and creatively source potential net-new business for Upstack; specifically, this entails RPG-style tactical activities - you’ll gear up and head out on a daily quest to talk to people, evangelize, and ultimately set meetings for our AE team, who will love you for it and send you thankful .gifs on Slack, incessantly.



You couldn’t be (potentially!) joining at a better time - Upstack is seeing tremendous interest in our services as shown by a healthy influx of excited, passionate customers that have real and pressing needs. To that end, the room for growth in this role is enormous - while you’ll be focused on daily tactical actions, we’re not seeking a sales-drone - we want you to not only have a say in the “how it gets done”, but a real preference for constant iteration and improvement.
We offer a base salary and commission based on performance. We’re happy to get into this in detail if we elect to conduct an interview - we strive for transparency on this front, and couple that transparency with clearly-set, consistent goals. Top-performing SDRs can expect above-market compensation for commensurate performance.
Also - we’re remote. There’s a substantial difference between “remote-tolerant” or “remote-friendly” companies vs. “remote-native” - we’re “remote-native” - we get remote culture, and want you to leverage the unique perks associated with that framework. We are a global team, but we prefer someone located in the U.S.
As big believers in work-life balance, our expectations of substantial output and awesome performance comes with an understanding that people need time to recharge; we have a healthy, as-needed time-off policy (which we can also expand upon in an interview!).
Finally - with great Growth comes great responsibility! As our Sales teams go forth and farm, we want to put that right back into the business, and will be rolling out some additional perks to sweeten the deal as things move forward.

How to Apply
Apply via our BreezyHR link and let your personality show.
If you want to get extra points, think about the content above and consider adapting your application process to make us say “wow, this person knows what it takes to get a response.”
Please note: we’re not currently accepting resumes from recruiters, staffing agencies, or third parties in general. (But, we love y’all anyway!)

To apply:

Posted about 3 years ago