Platform Engineer

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Headquarters: Brussels

Do you like to work to have a positive impact?Become our new Platform Engineer!Main stack: JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, Reac Native

About the Team
“Think, try, fail, collaborate and grow a better professional.”
As a company, we promote continuous learning and improvement, that’s why we believe, sometimes, failing is the best way to learn and get better at what you do.
We believe in the richness of collaboration and of diversity, for everyone to make an impact and work together toward a common goal.
We offer a flexible and fun working environment with lots of autonomyand possibility to grow as a professional and as a person. You will find an engaged team, where people share their joy for technology, ready to coach you as well as learn from you.
For us, the culture fit is important as we want to invest in our people for the long term.
-Collaboration, Ownership, Innovation, Excellence & Sustainability are our core values-
Company size: 40-50 people
Product Development Team size: 10+

Your journey at URBANTZ
As a Platform Engineer, your goal is to help us build an internal platform to speed up the delivery of our product team. For that you will:

About our stack:
We migrated from AWS ECS to Azure using Kubernetes for container-orchestration. Our main data store is MongoDB hosted on Mongo Atlas, but we also use Elasticsearch for some corner-case full-text search needs. Our backend and API code runs on Node.js, while the front-end web application is written in AngularJS. The main mobile driver app uses Ionic and Cordova. For our most recent mobile solution to ship goods from stores, we've decided to experiment with Reach Native.
Our toolset also counts with single-command, build & deploy tasks for both production and staging environments, working along with GitLab CI. We use Protractor for the end-to-end testing and Jest for the back-end unit testing. 

About YouYou are driven by developing more effective ways to deliver quality softwares.
You are a strong team player and can use your empathy for the users in their benefits
What’s in it for you?
A fast growing company with lots of great challenges
A long term contract with a great extra-legal package or a nice long term freelance contract, depending on where you live.
Diversity and flexibility, nice colleagues, fun company activities (even for remote people!),...
If you desire to work to make teamwork better: don’t hesitate and apply now!

To apply:

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