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Headquarters: Jackson Hole, WY

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Company OverviewUserEvidence is a SaaS Web-Application that enables B2B marketers and sales people to harvest feedback from happy customers, and automatically turn that positive feedback into an armory of fact-filled proof points, customer success stories, and statistical evidence.  We’re creating a new category called “Evidence-based Marketing” - to help vendors cut through the noise.Culture and ValuesWe want this to be a company that enables a fulfilling and stable lifestyle for our employees.  While we do have a real opportunity to get to $25M/yr in recurring revenue within 6 years and see a large exit, we’re going to do so in a smart and sane way, that is financially prudent and ensures that any exit substantially benefits all employees rather than simply founders and investors.  For a seed-stage company, we are comparatively derisked and already have market validation - we’re happy to tell you more about why on a call.  We’d rather have a high chance of hitting a double, with the option to take big swings along the way, than come out wildly swinging for the fences with a high probability of failure. We will be conscious with our capital to preserve equity for our employees.  Our $1M seed round should be the only round we raise (less dilution for everyone). We have experience walking this road.We want everyone to have a good work-life balance - there will of course be times where we’re grinding, but we want to enjoy the journey, not only the destination.  Remote work and flexibility will be key, and we will also bring together our team, while it’s small, in Jackson Hole, several times a year.Who We’re Looking For
We’re looking for a super productive Founding Sr. Full-Stack Engineer who will lead engineering and product development and potentially grow into a CTO. You must love working in a super small start-up, where resources and structure will be limited.  

We want a person that could build an entire web-based application themselves - from front-end to back-end.  In consultation with you, we could hire supporting engineers in short order, but we want you to dig in first on the MVP and evaluate who we’ll need next.  Our goal is profitability and sanity over building out a large team for its own purpose. We want you to be our partner in seeking the right balance here. After all, the bigger the development team, the more meetings and management.

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