CTO / Software Dev Project Manager / Senior Dev
Wesrom Corp.

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Headquarters: Oradea, Romania
URL: https://wesrom.com/

Helpful ContextWe’re growing at a faster pace than we’ve ever had, closing five high-profile projects in the past few weeks alone, so we’re looking to add an Experienced Software Development Project Manager to our team. The best candidate would have clear experience managing software projects. However, if you're an experienced developer and are thinking of potentially leading projects, please apply as well.
The individual we're looking for will be 100% responsible for the following outcomes:

  1. All projects (incl. estimates) are delivered on or before deadlines to an outstanding level of quality. 

  2. All engineers have the support they need to deliver over 36 billable hours every week. 

  3. And whenever new projects come in, we have pre-vetted candidates ready to hire at a moment’s notice.
    1. This last one will require you work closely with our HR team.

Must Have's For This Management Role

  1. Solid experience with hands-on development

  2. Exemplary communication skills with a very proactive attitude

  3. Experience in managing simultaneous projects remotely

A Few More Details About The Role

  1. You can work from our office in Oradea or remotely, from anywhere on the planet. However, you will be expected to have real-time communication with our 20+ US-based staff and clients.

  2. You are to keep great track of your time and tasks on a daily basis, and make sure everyone else does the same, so we have transparency and things don't fall behind

  3. You provide feedback to members (even the experienced ones) on how they can write better code and, if required, help them catch up on tasks in case they’re falling behind

  4. You work closely with sales and design as well, in order to provide estimates, answer technical questions, and set very clear and accurate expectations 

  5. You keep an eye on every single dev project and person, have short weekly calls with most people, and respond very promptly to everyone, so there are no bottlenecks

Member Benefits

  1.  Stable Salary 

  2.  Cash Bonuses 

  3.  Fitness Allowance 

  4.  Borderless career 

  5.  40-Hour work weeks 

  6.  Unlimited Vacation Days 

  7.  Education Allowance 

  8.  Equipment Allowance 

How to get in touch/apply

To apply: bianca@wesrom.com

Posted over 1 year ago