Awesome Project Manager for Boutique Branding Studio

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Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Job Title: Project Manager

Alt title: Awesome Project Manager for Boutique Branding Studio

Status: Contractor, part-time

Location: Remote/Virtual. If local occasional meet ups

Compensation: $15-30/hour depending on experience, starting at 10 hours a week (note: we begin all engagements with a training period of 30-60 days at $15/hour then offer a clear, metric driven path to an ongoing rate of $25-$30/hr)
Role Overview:
We are seeking a resourceful and proactive individual for our open Project Manager position to provide on-boarding and follow up services for clients. This person will have a self-starter attitude, capable of managing their own schedule and leading their own tasks. This person does not need to be assigned day by day instructions, but rather has an understanding of what steps need to be taken to help the company reach their goals. This person has a very strong follow-through score in Kolbe and is very goal-oriented. This person is a team-player with great rapport among previous colleagues and employers. 
The Founder: 
My name is Marc, I am the owner of Wildstory  ( - a brand storytelling and content agency that helps purpose driven brands find and develop their identity so they may reach more customers.
Most of my clients are looking for someone who can blend the magical with the logical and discover what makes them special. I let them know that we are in the business of developing the story their customers tell themselves when using their product or service.  We want to find those people who will become crazy fans -- irrational loyalty -- to the point they will tattoo your brand’s logo on their body!
We specialize in brand strategy, verbal identity, visual identity, experiential brand, and content (especially video!). As a rule our clients don’t know where to start or how to get this done. This is where we come in.
My Kolbe: 4-2-9-4. You can learn more about this assessment and even take the Kolbe A and get your results here if interested:
Key Responsibilities (roles): 

  1. Management (Client Load)

  2. Manage the output of each project

  3. Facilitate between contractors to meet deadlines for each project

  4. Be on all client calls and document any updates to the schedule and/or facilitate the additions to the client relationship

  5. Matching assets (between client intake forms/folders/projects)

  6. Including but not limited to adhering to the digital filing system per client

  7. Keep client reports up to date and sending weekly client reports

  8. Agency (Back End)

  9. Onboard new clients

  10. Manage communication schedule between employer and clients

  11. Sending of welcome packages/fulfillment

  12. Manage payment information

  13. Schedule “calls” with employer and clients

  14. Keep all the client files in one place (ie make sure the dropbox files are clean and organized)

  15. Creating and sending accurate service agreements 

  16. Assist on producing podcast

  17. Content publishing and distribution

Key Competencies: 
Experienced and Fast Learner
There are some online tools that we use daily, and the ideal candidate will have extensive experience with each of these interfaces. A candidate may also show competency with the majority of the resources listed below, with an eager and excited attitude to become an expert of those which he/she is currently foreign to. 
Additional competencies

Adaptable with an “I’m going to figure this out” mindset. This company values high performers and it’s cool if you fall flat on your face.  Own it, learn from it and move on.  
High follow-through.
See things to the finish line, close loops and complete projects.

Master communicator.  Please be concise and to the point.  Please be kind and service-minded to clients and customers. Detail oriented.Double check your emails, double check all printed material, double-double…check check. Discrete. We work with some high-level business owners and by no means can we disclose any proprietary information.

We value trust in this company and hope that you will do the same. Always follow through with assignments you take on. 
To Further Explain...
I’d like to work with someone who is self motivated and has an interest in what we are doing.  I am not looking for someone who completes tasks with blinders on for the sake of completing a task but is able to ask “why?” or say “what about this?” if they sense we could be doing something better.
My ideal colleague would be someone who is constantly on the forefront of new information, consuming content (ie. reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos), can provide a fresh perspective on what we’re doing and is passionate about helping brands tell their story.
He/she needs to be punctual, reliable, respectful and honest. Period.
Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Agency clients on-boarded and guided through the launch process within the time frame outlined. 

  2. Trello boards updated and client projects managed to the finish line

  3. Meeting notes documented and organized within the asset list of client Trello boards

  4. Tasks delegated to proper lists within Master Trello board

Training Schedule:
  1. Trello Board 
How to manage the Trello Board
  1. Launch
Familiar with how a podcast is produced and published
  1. Organization 
How a client Dropbox/google drive folder should look
  1. On-Board
How to on-board Agency clients like a pro
  1. Communication
How to run the communication/touchpoint schedule for all clients
  1. Scorecard
How to update the client scorecard
Before you apply - READ THIS
We are a fast growing company.  We are working towards operational excellence but we are not there yet. We are essentially building the plane as we fly it. This role is a critical builder position and will be asked to figure it out (with direct guidance) as we go. If this gives you pause, makes you uncomfortable, creates stress in your life this is not the job for you. Please be honest with yourself. This is the #1 success factor we’ve identified for this role. 
Next steps:

Please fill out THIS FORM be considered for the position.

To apply:

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