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Headquarters: Annapolis MD

Wordgigs is looking to hire freelance writers who would love to work from home on their own schedule.Now into our second decade, Wordgigs is a premier provider of content writing services to both B2B and B2C customers.Wordgigs is a 100% American company. All of our writers and staff are American, and we only hire Americans for our writing positions, and if we decide you are right for the job, and you accept the opportunity, we will verify all relevant data with the Social Security Administration to make sure you are who you say you are. This protects everyone. (We do not require this for the interview, only if you accept the job)What Kind of Person are we Looking for?We are looking for individuals who have 3-5 hours per day, (or more) to devote to writing content for our customers.We are looking for skilled individuals who can write in volume but also write with a high level of accuracy and creativity.We are looking for self motivated individuals - as no one is going to be looking over your shoulder while you work.What Kind of Content Will You be Writing?It will vary. We have clients who need extremely detailed, well researched high end content. We also have customers whose needs are far more basic, where the order may be for a 350 word article that needs very little research with basic instructions that just requires a little creativity on your part.The high end content can take a few hours to complete depending on the specific request, whereas the small articles can be done by a good writer in 15 minutes or less.We receive substantial order volume for both types of content, but especially the smaller articles and quite a few in between.Our best writers can earn a lot more writing for our high end clients.We are NOT looking for individuals who only have the time to write 1 article per day.What can you earn?Our writers who work 4+ hours per day generally earn between 25K and 40K per year, working from the comfort of their home.But you want more details don't you? Sure you do. If you were to spend your day working on shorter 350 word articles as an example, you would probably earn somewhere between $15-$18 per hour depending on your speed and accuracy. We do NOT however, pay by the hour, we pay per piece.We also take care of writers. unlike many companies where the writers are treated as the means to an end, it's not that way with Wordgigs. When considering this opportunity, ask yourself this question, how many online writing jobs have you had where you've been asked to do an interview?We pay on the 1st and 16th of every month and have never missed a single pay day in our existence and never will.This is a real job, and so we only want to hear from those who are serious about the opportunity.Let's be real, writing for a few hours consecutively can be tedious work, It's neither glamorous nor exciting, but you are in your own home, working hours of your choosing and we're not looking over your back every minute. We just want you to do a good job, produce some volume, and we will fulfill our end of the deal.If you're still reading and think this is an opportunity that sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you!Gina will review all resumes and supporting documents you can provide. History of previous work in this field, samples of your writing etc, these are all things that would be very helpful to provide to us. If we think you're a good fit we will followup with you quickly.

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