Marketing Specialist - Full Time

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

We are looking for an enthusiastic Marketing Specialist for our Travel Quest Network brand to help us drive adoption and engagement with our marketing tools and programs designed for our independent travel entrepreneurs.

A Marketing Specialist should be a competent professional able to grasp consumer behavior trends and generate creative ideas. You should also be well-versed in specialized marketing concepts, principles, and tactics. You will be integral in developing and executing marketing plans to reach specific targets associated with the adoption and engagement of our marketing tools and programs.



$55,000 annually

WorldVia is one of the fastest-growing brands in travel, a powerhouse travel marketing company backed by one of the most vibrant and dynamic independent agent networks in America, Travel Quest Network. We partner with thousands of independent travel professionals to market and deliver excellent travel experiences to every destination on the planet.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Travel Quest Network/WorldVia grew at an average of 65% per year. Today, we're rebounding at fantastic speed and expect to be bigger than ever by the end of 2022.

Great talent is at the heart of our expansion strategy, and we are looking for superstars to join our team.



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Posted 15 days ago