Web & UX Designer

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Headquarters: Remote
URL: http://www.zoomforth.com

Zoomforth is a web design software. So we need to constantly demonstrate best practices, build new templates, and show our customers how they can use our software to create beautiful digital experiences.Moreover, we often support our customers when they need help, either because they don't have designers on staff, or because they're looking for our expertise on a high-priority or high-visibility project. Much like Squarespace Specialists or Certified Wordpress Developers, at Zoomforth we need our own group of expert designers who can support our customers' needs (as well as our own internal needs, from time to time) and make our product shine.This role would involve working with the Customer Success and Design teams, as well as our customers. In many cases, you'd be leading a team of designers, exercising your creativity, setting best practices for our work, and making our customer design process more effective.
Your primary function will be to design sites for our most important customers. Sometimes you'll be working with a client to scope the project, and then pass off to other designers to implement. Sometimes you'll execute the wireframes and mockups yourself. You'll need to determine, based on the characteristics of the project and the resources in the organization, what's best for the client and for Zoomforth, and execute on that.Our customers are primarily Fortune 500 enterprises, and the majority of their design requests come in the following use cases:
Critically, your role is not simply to take content and make a pretty website for our customers in our software. Rather, you work with customers to understand who they are communicating with, and what outcomes they're looking to drive. You evaluate the efficacy of content, explore various methods of laying out content to drive specific actions, implement best options, and communicate your thinking clearly.


To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/zoomforth-web-ux-designer

Posted almost 3 years ago